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Listing ID Category   Title Location
305196 Lost: DogsBlack with grey face female dog medium sizeClovis, California. 93611 
298611 Lost: Rings - Engagement, WeddingEngagement Ring silver band with diamondsClovis, California. 93619 
294189 Found: DogsLl Clovis, California. 93619 
283900 Lost: Assorted Clothes, Laundry BagsBlack grocery bag with superheros on itClovis Transit Stageline
Clovis, California. 93612
283188 Lost: Animals / PetsSmall male young toy fox terrier Clovis, California. 93612 
276124 Lost: Animals / PetsLost Cat Clovis, California. 93611 
273406 Found: DogsSmall chihuahua mix, friendly with small bandage on front legClovis, California. 93611 
269564 Found: DogsBlue tick fe young friendly Clovis CAClovis, California. 93619 
268379 Found: CatsMed lt. brn cat maleClovis, California. 93612 
259930 Lost: CatsGrey cat, named CandyClovis, California. 93619 
257025 Lost: BraceletsGold Chain BraceletClovis, California. 93611 
255854 Found: DogsSmall femalesClovis, California. 93611 
251649 Lost: Computers, Tablets, iPadsRed laptop with identifying marks and bagClovis, California. 93612 
142972 Found: Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, etcGuinea pig, maleClovis, California. 93612 
142341 Lost: DogsShitzuClovis, California. 93612 
138080 Lost: CatsTabby kittenClovis, California. 93619 
128363 Found: DogsBlack and White FemaleClovis, California. 93611 
123530 Lost: DogsGolden RetrieverClovis, California. 93619 
123529 Lost: DogsGolden RetrieverClovis, California. 93619 
113533 Found: DogsSiberian Huskey with Black and White HairClovis, California. 93611 
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